Good morning everyone. I’m Kaneaki Inoue, a resident doctor and the PQJ secretary-general.
Today we welcome 50 teams of students from 12 countries in the world. I congratulate you on coming to PQJ during one of the hardest time in the world history.
Now, I have one question for you guys.
Do you love studying medicine?
Let me ask once again, do you REALLY love studying medicine?
To be honest, studying medicine is sometimes quite boring, isn’t it? It’s because you study alone most of the time. and, you cannot instantly get the result of your study. Finally, you have to keep sitting on a desk or watching a screen for hours which makes you sleepy.
Today, you have come to the right place. In PQJ, you’ve got your teammates to study and fight together and you instantly get the result of your effort as either win or loss. Finally, You will be overwhelmed by the waves of emotions like joy, nervousness, disappointment and excitement.
All of these stimulating factors boost the study effects of medicine.
Before we begin the first quiz session, I have to point out one more thing.
At the end of the day, only one team wins and all the other teams leave here as losers. That’s the cold truth about every quiz competition.
However, even if you lose today, the great deal of knowledge you earn through PQJ will someday help you when you become a doctor or a helathcare professional and save patients.
Now, let’s go for the top of the world. Enjoy PQJ!
Thank you very much.




Photosynthesi(Mongorian National University)
Peanuts(Chiba University)
NASUNARI(International U. of Health and Welfare, Japan)
Azaleas(National Taiwan University)
SEIRISEITON(Kyushu University)
somatosTANtin(UERM, Philippines)
Gonadotropins(Kyoto University)


決勝戦では、フィリピンのUERMチームが2位のPeanuts(Chiba University)に20点の差をつけて、PQJ2020チャンピオンに輝きました。


PQJ2020 Final Result

1st somatosTANtin, UERM (Philippines)
2nd NASNARI, International U. of Health and Welfare(Japan)
2nd Azaleas, National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
3rd Gonadotropins, Kyoto University (Japan)
5th Photosynthesis, Mongolian National University of Medical Science (Mongol)
5th SEIRISEITON, Kyushu University (Japan)
7th Peanuts, Chiba University (Japan)


PQJ事務局長 井上鐘哲