University of Oxford 医学部留学 Part 13

My siblings in Acute General Medicine Firm C3,

As I’m writing this on the way to London, I’m recalling the past four weeks in Oxford.
I knew my Oxford stay would be challenging. But I could not have imagined it would be filled with such joy and warmth thanks to you Firm C3 students.
Eva, Fran, Frankie and Rex, you were always helpful when I hit obstacles and when I was frustrated by my inexperiences.
I believe one of the proofs of true leadership is giving an unconditional help to a person. It is exactly what I was given by every one of you guys.
I won’t forever forget the March in Oxford.
I hope all of you to visit Japan one day and drop me a line. I look forward to showing you around.
Many thanks for everything. I will wear the Oxford hoodie you gave in my morning jog.
I wish every one of you all the best.

Aki (Kaneaki Inoue)